I wouldn’t have using this toothpaste if it wasn’t for my stupidity. This toothpaste is expensive and you cannot just buy it on the shelves in any store. You have to buy it at the pharmacy. Back in college I was so naive and I know I had a bad teeth. My aunt’s dentist said that my teeth could be fix and aligned if I put a breeze or retainer. So, I did but it triggered my bad gum to swell so I took it out. My gum was already bruised so she prescribed me to buy pyodontyl to rub on my gum. Since then I have been using this toothpaste. There were times that I stopped using it because I didn’t have money to buy. This cost P178 pesos back then but now it’s times two i guess.


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  1. Dhemz Says:

    ayay, kamahal ba diay sa imong toothpaste bayot…ako toothpaste sa dollar tree store ra napalit…wahhehee!


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