My Little Man

Tomorrow is Jake’s 4th birthday. I wish I can think of something special to prepare on her birthday. This is one of the occasion that I wish I am in the Philippines because Jake will surely feel special because he can have friends to invite on his birthday. And because I am a foreign or stranger to this country, I also don’t have friends. I know that Jake won’t mind it but i hope my children won’t think also that their birthday is just some kind of ordinary day. I just want you to know Jake that mommy and daddy loves you so much.

Happy Birthday Jake!


2 Responses to “My Little Man”

  1. Calleigh Says:

    Happy Birthday Jake….. 4 year old na diay sia tsang? Wow…ka dali ra sa time oi… Next, go to school na sia dayon.. Maayo tani kon duol ra kita no, para attend me sa birthday bash ni Jake.. I bet, enjoy jud ang Koala nako kag si Jake nimo duwa. Si Koala nako nag turned 4 man sang January.

  2. seny Says:

    Your love and family is all he really need! belated happy birthday Big Man time goes so quick before we know it lola nata ani aahahah visiting back from Handful of Cuteness thanks!


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