I Need a decent Plant Stand

It was couple of months ago when I transferred and replanted into different flower pot my five fingers plant. And before that, my MIL gave me a couple of plant and in fact she wanted to give to me all her plant but I said I’ll get it when I have a place for it. For now I just don’t have a decent place for all these plants. One of our side table is about to give up as the wood started to come off so I decided to convert it into a plant stand. By the time we move to the new place i definitely need not just one plant stands but two perhaps as I am going to take the plants that my MIL was offering to me. I also want to buy a new flowering plant and additional lucky bamboo plant. These ornamental plants brings good luck according to Chinese beliefs. This Chinese thing was not my reason, I just want to have at least some green or decoration inside our simple abode.


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  1. Adin B Says:

    I'd take free plants, please! hehehehe… Adto ug thrift store mommyShy palit ug new stand or garage sales. hehehehe. :) Ako diria na busy ug pananom labon dili pa kaayo dako akoa tummy tum tum. :)

    Adin B

  2. Eric Graham Conversion Doctor Says:

    We have several pots of plants on that kind on the right. Dunno what's the name of it. We put a couple of pots inside our living room. The others are on the garden and patio.

  3. Dhemz Says:

    ako pod need ko ug stand…kana lang baratohon gud…ehehehe…mahal man sa walmart tawon woi…lol! nice lagi ni imong plants tsang….:)


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