Gearing Up for the Right Sport

The #1 sports in the US would be football, right? I’m pretty sure you are excited as the rest of the Americans about the coming superbowl and anxious for your team to win. Obviously, football players dressed differently than baseball player or those in hockey sport. Nevertheless, those in motorcycle sport wear AGV Sport Jackets when they’re taking a ride. Motorcycle riders should be equipped with the right outfit and gears such as helmet, knee padding, gloves and more when they’re on the road or cruising through town. It’s part of the safety precautions to avoid major injuries when accident happen. A good quality and durable jacket is a good addition to your whole sporty get up.


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  1. Dhemz Says:

    tama! football it is…hehhee! hapit naman diay ang superbowl sa?!

    sa pinas tawon d man uso ang motor gear woi…labi na sa habal habal nga drivers…ehehee…joke!


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