1 Year Old Toshiba and Netbook

Happy 1 year old to my Toshiba lappy. I’m sure the one who bought this lappy still remembered it. I am forever thankful to my techie-savvy shopper fwends Dhemz and Lulu.

I saw the picture of this baby that I uploaded and blogged last year and I’m using the same image right now. I wish this lappy will last forever and beyond hehe.

I am actually using the lappy right now because my computer monitor still broken. I’m waiting for my sister’s donation LOL. Hubby’s birthday is approaching so I gave him his gift in advance. It’s a cash but I don’t give gift without asking favor in return hehe. That was the main purpose of my being nice to him. I celebrated many birthdays this past 4 years without getting fab gifts from him. Well, he gave me a gift last year which was a —-(string) that’s the clue. And since my birthday is coming too, I asked the gift in advance hehe. I want a netbook that I can use when we travel or when someone using the computer. I just want Netbook. We went to BestBuy today to look for Netbook and we saw a cheaper one which is a Getaway. I am not so familiar with Gateway yet so I told him to look online. Thanks to the expert bloggers in BB group because they suggested some brand of Netbook that I think neat.

I kind of like the Dell Netbook. I’ve been wanting to have Dell computer. I read in the consumers report, they never suggested the Dell Netbook but with somebody using it and can attest how it works I think I’m gonna go with Dell. What do you think folks?

Forget about the ipod that I was planning to buy. I told my sister to buy me the cheapest ipod she can find in the base. I want to give myself a reward for staying up so late all the time. Well, you know already why I’m staying up late all the time. There is no such thing as easy money that even a stay at home mom/wife like me has to work double time so I can earn a little to buy my needs and want. So, wish me luck yo, I hope tomorrow somebody will buy me this coolest toy ever.


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  1. Mrs.D Says:

    ayay, a netbook would be good for traveling or bisan lang jud sa living room…dali ra maarsa…ehehehe..nice ang dell tsang…:)
    mau paka da kay advance gift naman daan…hehhehe…you deserve it bayot…pahuwama lang dayon ko ha…ehehhe!


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