Life Isn’t Fair Lately

This past month and weeks, my family back home and here aren’t feeling the wonders of life. Maybe I can consider it miracle in some way because my sister recovered quickly with her two major operation. Right now me and siblings are helping on paying the hospital bills.

Another sad news our family is facing today is the death of my bro’s premie baby. Julia was a fighter and brave baby for she was really fighting to survive. Now she is in heaven and I know she’ll be there watching over her dad, mom and sister. Pray for her soul to rest in peace and her dad to recover with his loss.

Besides all this family health and financial problem back home, me and my husband here also have our own health problem, tough life huh. Oh yes, tough and painful daily life we have to face. Husband had been nursing a really painful health condition which resulted to stress and depression. I on the other hand is also experiencing the pain due to stress and exhaustion. Life is not fair, really really really not fair. I hope to see some rainbows soon and everything get better. I pray to God that all this suffering will end and be able to resolve our problems health and financially.


Boring Summer

How’s your summer so far? Well, it’s kind of boring in our end. Good thing we enrolled the kids in karate, that way they get to go out of the house and have fun and learn at the same time. The pool pass that husband bought seems to be worthless because we haven’t gone to the pool that much and summer is already half way to be over.

Meanwhile, I’m used to hot weather as I was born and raise in a tropical country but after living here in the US for many years now, my body kind of adapting the cold weather. This country have four seasons and I would they only experience real hot and humid weather on the summer while the rest of the seasons, always have cold temperature. this summer isn’t so hot compared to other summer i’ve experience but still it needs a good air con once in while. There were nights when the temperature was so hot and humid and there are some days like today that is rainy and a bit chilly. Durham air conditioning might be of a good service to you just in it gets hotter and your ac needs fixing or cleaning.


Our Mother’s Day Gift

How was you mother’s day celebration? My son made a mother’s day gift at school and gave it to me on Mother’s day, Sunday. Above was our conversation and he’s been trying to negotiate me of apologizing to him for punishing him since Friday. Well, i was called in to the principal’s office on Wednesday because Jake hit someone. I had to punished him and take away his video games so he’ll learn and perhaps will stop hitting someone when he is upset and angry.

This is why he wants me to apologize before handing it to me his gift thought he did not get any apology from me he still gave the gift to me anyway. Husband treat us all to MickyDs after our shopping galore. He bought me couple of crop pants and a Nike shoes as my Mother’s day gift. Glad to received something this year’s Mother’s day because for the past seven years I only get one or two gift i think and it wasn’t that special, however i am still happy and appreciate the gesture.